The summer drawing to a close is the perfect time to look ahead to the hottest trends during the cold autumn-winter months.

If the big design houses are anything to go by then fashion in the coming months will have plenty of choices to make you stay one step ahead of the crowd and on-trend.

With that in mind, Eastern Eye looked at the Fall fashion shows to select some terrific trends to look out for and how to update your wardrobe accordingly.

Throw shade: Whether it was outfits or accessories, the most popular colours will be different shades of purple and green. These colours will lead the way and are so on-trend that you can even complete a full head to toe look in that one shade alone. Neons and metallic will also be popular.

Golden great: Another colour to look out for is gold. The outfits are less metallic and subtle on designs, varying from knitwear to the expensive-looking dress. Gold shoes will especially be on-trend. If you want something shiner, opt for silver or metallic.

Smooth operator: In terms of material, satin is coming back in a big way in the coming months. It will be seen in everything from smart satin shirts in the day to nightwear, crop tops and elegant evening dresses. The classy trend will be seen in a host of colours with lighter tones leading the way.

Caped crusader: Unleash your inner superhero and add a strong silhouette with a cape. What makes this heroic trend especially great is that there are no rules. The striking look can be in tweed, leopard print, floral and pretty much any size from sitting just on the shoulder to full-length wrap.

Perfectly-coated: Talking of coverage, look out for statement coats coming down to the ankles. This will keep you warm and the heavy wool ones will likely give a free workout to those wearing them. This elongated coat trend shows that big really is beautiful this fall. You can also add extra drama with long dresses and skirts.

Knit’s great: Another warming trend during the colder winter months is heavy knitwear. Knitted jackets, dresses, scarves and anything else should be big. It can be elevated further by having layers of knitwear, which means you can remain warm and look amazing at the same time.

Baggy trousers: Also go big with trousers and jeans this winter. Do away with the skinny jeans and replace them with something baggier. Extra baggy, straight cut jeans, trouser jeans and ones with side splits above the ankles will all cry out comfort and style.

Blankets out: Those who don’t like letting go of their blankets in winter are in luck because the 1970s retro quilted patchwork trend has returned. Quilted dresses, coats, jackets and even printed boots will be available for those wanting to unleash their inner bohemian.

Step back in time: A lot of retro trends from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s will be hot in the coming months, but you can step even further back in time. Many of the top designers have delivered creations inspired from times gone by, including Victorian neck ruffles, centuries-old bustiers, classic trenches and prints inspired by the art you would find in a museum.

Schools in: The kids won’t be the only ones returning to school after a summer holiday because fashion in some corners will be doing the same. Whether it was the plaid trousers, sweater vests, suits, dark checks and shirts, the over-exaggerated school vibe works for the sexy nerds.

Shoulder it: The asymmetrical neckline trend means showing off a single shoulder will be a bold trend to warm up the winter months. It works best with evening attire, but there will be cute daytime dresses for those who can brave the cold or have a warm enough coat. Those who don’t want to show off their shoulder can opt for wide-shouldered jackets, creating a slim-waist silhouette.

Belt up: Talking of jackets, the main trend you need to know about is the belt around the waist. Many of the top fashion designers unveiled smart jackets that had a belt around the waist. You can wrap a statement belt around the waist and really express yourself.

Hats on: Another amazing way to express yourself are the statement hats. So swap the woollen hats and beanies with headwear that sends out a confident message. There are many choices available for daywear and eveningwear with statement hats that are colourful, big, bold and, in some cases, cutely whacky.

Colourful legs: Talking of whacky, do away with the black tights and get colourful hosiery to make a statement. Boldly coloured tights with dresses and skirts will add a touch of spring, but make heads turn also.

Roar appeal: Another head-turner is animal prints. Yes, they have always been popular, but this coming season it is in a more exaggerated way. So big zebra, snakeskin and leopard prints will enable you to walk on the wild side.

Marvellous miniatures: The cutest trend is the teeny tiny handbag. The bitty bag is barely big enough for a phone, credit card and lipstick, but is an accessory that many will be teaming up with their outfits in the coming months, including strapping it on a belt or turning it into a necklace.