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Outrage as nude photos of England sportswomen are leaked on social media

By: ShelbinMS

The 2022 Commonwealth Games is currently taking place in Birmingham. Sportspersons from England are making the country around with around 150 medals in total.

Recently, England women’s football team was crowned as European champions. But, the sports world is now discussing an unfortunate event in which nude pictures of England sportswomen are leaked on WhatsApp.

The ‘victims’ affected by the hacking include a Commonwealth Games competitor, a former Lioness and a Women’s Super League footballer, among others.

Their private photos were leaked and are being circulated on social media without their consent, the MailOnline reported.

According to the report, though many photos are unidentifiable they appear to be either teammates or friends of well-known English sports stars.

The pictures were reportedly taken in private areas of hotel rooms and shower areas. They began circulating ahead of last Sunday’s 2-1 Euro final victory at Wembley.

“They all came together just before the Euro final. It is an obvious attempt to undermine the successes of women’s sport, which has become so successful recently,” one person, who received the pictures, was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

“It’s sad that someone decided to start this during the Euros when the Lionesses have done so well.”

Caroline Nokes, Conservative MP and chairwoman of the Commons’ Women and Equalities Committee has urged sportswomen to focus on what they’re doing and ignore these kinds of ‘sexist behaviour’.

“When our female sports stars are demonstrating that they are outperforming men, they should not have to put up with this tawdry objectification. We have made such massive progress with equality, yet when push comes to shove it reminds us that we are still repeatedly objectified. Still, they are talked about not for what they’ve achieved but for how they look,” the lawmaker was quoted as saying by the MailOnline.

According to the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015, it is an offence to share a private sexual photograph or footage if the disclosure is made without consent and with the intention of causing distress.

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