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Kamala Harris to ‘play more prominent role in Biden’s second term’

By: Pramod Thomas

US vice president Kamala Harris will play a more prominent role in Joe Biden’s second term, according to reports.

Indian-American Harris was featured 13 times in the launch video of Biden, making her the second most prominent person in the video, ahead of the first lady.

President Biden on Tuesday (25) announced that he will seek re-election in 2024 and ‘finish the job’.

During the campaign, Harris will extensively travel the country to gain support from black voters and consolidate her position.

According to reports, Harris will bear the biggest travel burden, hoping to connect with the next generation of Democrats and increase her visibility.

Her critical role in the election campaign will put her in a favorable position to lead the party in 2028, The Telegraph reported.

Specifically, she is expected to spend significant time in South Carolina, the first state in the Democratic primary contest that Biden supported.

The influential black voters there make up roughly a third of the electorate, and they helped Biden revive his failing campaign in 2020.

Harris has already put forth abortion as a key issue in their 2024 campaign.

“I trust the women of America,” said Harris, speaking at Howard University, in Washington, before a crowd chanting “four more years.”

“We are living in a moment in time where so many of our hard-earned freedoms are under attack,” said Harris, accusing her Republican opponents of wanting to outlaw abortion nationwide.

“We cannot sleep on this,” Harris said. “There is too much at stake.”

The Biden administration has made the bet that abortion can be used as a hot issue to mobilize its base ahead of the 2024 election, as was the case in the midterm elections in November.

Meanwhile, some critics argue that Biden is running for 2024 as he does not believe Harris would have as good a chance of beating Donald Trump.

Republicans are set to make Biden’s age a major issue during the campaign as he would be 86 by the end of a second term.

They will argue that a vote for Biden could ultimately be one for ‘President Harris’ and that she is not ready to assume the role.

Earlier, Harris has been criticised for her handling of issues including illegal immigration at the southern border, which she is in charge of.

She has also faced criticism for laughing at inappropriate moments in interviews.

(With inputs from AFP)

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