Amar Khan

Pakistani actress, director and writer Amar Khan has delivered winning performances with diverse television projects, including Belapur ki Dayan, Ghughi and Dil-e-Bereham.

Her latest starring role is in Hum TV’s episodic mini-series Choti Choti Baatein, which addresses societal pressures faced by women and how they overcome them. She will also be seen in Mar Gaye Ishq, where she plays another very challenging role.

Eastern Eye caught up with Amar Khan to find out more.

How would you describe your time on television?
Television is the most progressive medium we have in Pakistan, as compared to film and theatre. All that defines an actor and all the crisp ideas that are generated for entertainment come from TV. My experience on TV has been brilliant. It’s been a great learning experience. I hope we produce more believable stories for others to watch and learn from.

Which project is closest to your heart?
The telefilm Chashm-e-Num I did for Hum TV, because I played the role of a girl who was physically challenged. It was very emotionally-engaging and an old school romance. I think performing the life and experiences of a girl who is blind was a different experience altogether that I truly learned from.

Tell us about your latest TV project?
I am currently working on a Geo TV presentation Mar Gaye Ishq. The name is still tentative, but it is very interesting and you will see two girls coming from two different classes, and witness the difference in their personalities; how one girl is very confident and strong-headed, while the other one is the complete opposite. These days our audience likes realistic storylines, and you’ll find this one fascinating.

Your roles are very powerful. How important is the subject of woman empowerment to you?
I think it is extremely important to exhibit this social phenomenon through TV and hope it reflects from our work. We need to do the kind of work that shows the world that women don’t need to let anyone dictate what they want from them. It is our time to show how powerful we girls are, and we are working to bring more fearless stories from around us.

Why do you think Pakistani dramas are so popular globally?
Because they don’t bring unrealistic dramatic stories. They give more real-life-based dramas and that’s why people like them so much.

What would be your dream role?
It would be to play Geet from Jab We Met.

What is the master plan going forward?
It would be going into feature films, and soon you will see me there.

Where do writing and directing fit into the whole equation?
I have graduated as a filmmaker and am an active writer as well. So for me, a writer, actor, director and everyone else working on a project is interconnected, and all of them are especially linked with the basic concept of good storytelling.

Tell us, what do you enjoy watching?
I love different kinds of films and TV shows, and the latest serial I have watched is Money Heist.

What inspires you?
Anything that has a lot of positivity inspires me. We live in a world where cyberbullying is very common; people are so negative and judgmental that any kind of nicety and positivity is rarely found now. A nice compliment, constructive advice and a positive message, all of it inspire me to the core.