Couples getting married want to look their best on the big day, but they also want their surroundings to be beautiful and that is where a top décor company comes in to add an extra special touch.

Enchanted By Syma is a bespoke luxury decor company specialising in making events like weddings and receptions look magical.

At the centre of it all is London-based company founder Syma Ahmed Raja, who uses her creativity and in-depth knowledge to produce exceptional bespoke settings designed to leave guests awestruck.

Eastern Eye caught up with Syma to talk about her creative job, top tips she would give couples and the hottest design trends.

What made you set up a wedding décor company?
I am a creative person. If I wasn’t doing hair and make-up, then I would be designing outfits. Coming from a law background, which never interested me, I was eager to do something more exciting. After a few years of working as an event manager, learning from my experiences, I decided to embark on a journey to expand my knowledge and began this exciting new journey of Enchanted By Syma.

How would you describe your time working in this field?
It has truly been an amazing journey so far with hurdles, success and goals still to achieve. Every event is a new learning chapter, which enables me to enhance my creativity, problem solving-skills and passion within décor. The most incredible part of this field is being able to work within a loyal and hardworking team, and a group of suppliers who make it possible to achieve what we promise.

Tell us about the services you provide for your clients?
We customise every event for our brides and grooms, focusing on their likes and working hand-in-hand with them to turn their vision into a reality. Enchanted is 100 per cent focused on research and development when it comes to creative designs. We always keep up with trends. That is why at the start of every year, we launch our latest collections, keeping in mind the new trends for the following year.

What is the most challenging aspect of the job?
There are two aspects; one is keeping up with the expectations of big, fat Indian weddings and the other is the amount of detailed planning that goes on behind the scenes.

What tips would you give couples selecting the right décor company?
Choosing a décor company is like choosing a partner. It will make or break your wedding. The main factors to consider are the reputation and reliability of a company. It is important to do research on the company and the calibre of events they have done.

How can a couple tell they are hiring the right person?
Do a lot of research beforehand, which includes checking their online credibility. Also, observe the time and effort they’ve put into designing the look, right down to the finer details and trust word-of-mouth recommendations.

Are there any tips for those working on a lower budget?
In that case, couples should take into consideration how much compromise needs to be involved. They should also be prepared for a more simple, but effective décor look.

What has been the most memorable wedding you have worked on?
It was a wedding where we launched our Emerald Paradise collection. The couple were lovely to work with and what I had envisioned turned out to be even more spectacular.

What inspires your creativity?
To be honest, anything and everything inspires my creativity. I could be walking down the street and see a tree and be inspired to create something with that in mind. I love travelling the world to enhance my ability to create unique and inspiring events. I have never been that person who follows trends and will strive to design and introduce my own trends.

Décor-wise what are the hot trends?
Clean cut with pops of colour.

Why do you love the job you do?
It’s not a job. It’s my passion, it’s within my soul to design, create and produce exceptionally unique looks.