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Talented actress Surbhi Chandna has a rapidly growing fanbase around the world that follows her every move.

One of these dedicated admirers is super fan Munira Ferdous from Rajshahi, Bangladesh, who always goes that one step extra.

Eastern Eye caught up with Munira to find out more.

What first connected you to Surbhi Chandna?
It was while watching Ishqbaaaz. In December 2016, I got a reply in one of my edits on Instagram. That was the start and since then there was no looking back. When her Qubool Hai was on air, I often waited for her scene to come, but never thought I would be deeply in love with Surbhi one day.

What made you become a super fan? 
It just happened. But I guess, it’s her personality, acting, care for her family and being so down to earth. Also, her patience, staying calm in tough situations and hard work. I really love how she values education.

Tell us about something super you have done Surbhi?
I wish, I could do something super special for her. I want to make her proud and surprise her. I hope I will make something super soon, Inshallah.

What has been your most memorable moment?  
When one becomes a fan, every little moment becomes special. One of the best is during her 2018 birthday, when she noticed my craziest remark and laughed reading it, that laugh has my heart. I love how she values fans and treats them like best friends.

What is the thing you most love about Surbhi? 
Everything. I love her bond with her family and friends, positivity and optimism. I also have a little sister, so I cherish the bond she shares with (her sister) Pranavi di. Also, her acting. What a magnificent artist she is. Very few actresses are capable of adding life to a character. She is one of them.

Which quality in Surbhi do you most relate to?    
We have so many things in common. Like love for food, uncontrollable laughter, excitability, adaptability and the fetish of collecting shoes and bags.

What is your favourite work Surbhi has done?
Ishqbaaaz because it gifted me Surbhi. I always wanted that if I admire someone they should be aware of my existence. With SC, no matter how little, but she knows. That’s enough for me.

Why do you love being a super fan?
It’s an opportunity to express your heart out, which is not always possible. Wishing everyone good health and happiness.

Twitter: @munirah_iam