Sri Lanka is inching towards zero number of COVID patients as the number of recoveries are rising fast amidst few positive cases on daily basis.

A total of 1,917 patients have recovered out of total of 2076 positive cases reported so far as only 148 patients are currently receiving medical care.

Only two positive cases were reported on Sunday while over 40 people recovered.

The country has not seen any community case for over two months and the few positive cases over past days are from people returning from abroad and who are undergoing quarantine.

A navy camp had seen maximum number of cases since the COVID outbreak but a total of 885 navy personnel have recovered with only few receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, schools resumed their academic activities partially today for the first time after they were closed for COVID.

The government has approved state schools to reopen in stages under the health guidelines.

As part of it, students of Grade 5, 11 and 13 returned to school today.

Universities have been allowed to reopen for second and third-year students from today while examinations for fourth-year university students have already commenced on June 22.