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Spring Clean More Than Your Home

Daughter and mother cleaning home together and having fun.


As you spring clean your home after the long winter you may come across a box of jewellery or othervaluables kept in what you hope is a safe place.

Not just daffodils that come out in spring!

Spring isn’t just a time for lambing and daffodils popping out. Burglars also get a springin their step and they could be heading right for you! So why not use spring cleaning as a spur to put your precious items somewhere really safe. Youdon’t want burglars cleaning out your home of all that is valuable to you.

Protecting mum’s Precious gems

Mother’s Day in March is a timely reminder that gifts given to mums have great sentiment and so need special protection way above commercial value. Some women like to keep them close but it’s better to protect them in a safe deposit. Burglars don’t care about sentimental value.

Keep a photograph instead

Maybe a photograph of precious Mother’s Day jewels can make up for locking them away for safety? Especially a photograph of mum wearing them. While also wearing a serene smile knowing her jewels are now very well looked after.

Protection Specially For You

Neelkanth Safe Deposit gives you that protection you need. We offer a secure home for your valuables. With our modern, up-to-date, security systems at an affordable price you can relax knowing your precious belongings are safe. Spring is a time of renewal. So why not use this Spring to make sure your valuables are safe and secure.


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