Nayha Ahmed

by Asjad Nazir

Popular British TV personality Nayha Ahmad currently hosts Desi Beat on Colors TV, which sees her cook authentic south Asian food in diverse people’s kitchen.

She is also a host on Sky One’s What’s Up TV, which is a lifestyle, current-affairs and entertainment show. Eastern Eye caught up with Nayha to talk all things television.

What led you towards TV presenting?
I graduated in acting and found it hard to find parts that were not stereotypical for an Asian girl. I then did a beauty pageant, got interviewed for it by my local radio station and they offered me a job. My love of music led me to radio hosting and from there I went into online presenting, which finally led to TV.

What do you most like about the current shows you are doing?
What’s Up TV covers topics that most channels don’t talk about. One day it could be interviewing the stars and the next could be raising awareness on epilepsy. It’s so diverse and so is the talent on the show. We support BAME talent and it has such a strong message. In terms of Desi Beat, how can you not love meeting desis in the UK and learning about their family recipes, and I love eating.

Who has been the most memorable person you have interviewed?
That’s hard. Everyone asks me that, but I would say Sean Paul was fun. I taught him how to do bhangra.

What kind of TV shows do you enjoy?
I love comedy, drama, cooking programmes and music shows.

What have you binge-watched recently?
Stranger Things was amazing. Also, Workin’ Moms is not bad, but YOU was my favourite! Netflix is my best friend. I like light-hearted things. I’m quite a positive person and like smiling. Depressing things don’t do it for me.

Who is your TV hero?
Ever since I was young I loved Davina McCall. She is such a genuine and a positive soul. I got to meet her on a red carpet once and she was the same.

What inspires you?
Beyonce is a strong female who never gives up, a bit like my mum. Oh, and I’m inspired by always being better and seeing my peers doing well.

Why do you love being on TV?
I love it. It makes me feel alive. I love meeting different people and learning about them. I also love the fact that as an Asian Brit girl, I wasn’t forced to do any career path that I didn’t want to do due to society. I love the fact that I’m on TV and my parents support it. (Laughs) Love has been mentioned a lot, hasn’t it?

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