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Masked burglars, who threatened to kill Asian mother’s newborn for gold, jailed

By: ShelbinMS

THREE men have been sentenced to jail for a robbery at an Asian family’s home in Wrexham, UK, in September 2020.

In the incident, the family faced a grave danger after the burglars entered the house threatened to murder its newborn if its mother didn’t hand them over gold. In the shocking incident that happened in broad daylight at the family’s residence in Wrexham, the burglars barged into the house before meeting Berinderjit Dhaliwal, the homeowner.

One of the robbers reportedly snatched the newborn girl from Dhaliwal, her mother, while snatching her jewelleries, including the wedding ring.

Dhaliwal, who was still recovering from a Cesarean section performed just two months ago, was also punched in the abdomen. One of the men, who were wearing surgical masks and dark clothing, threatened to kill the infant by brandishing a screwdriver if Dhaliwal didn’t tell where the gold was. The terrified mother begged for mercy and showed them her jewellery box. They stole its content and left.

The case was being heard by the Mold Crown Court in Wales and the fact that the burglars threatened to kill the newborn was revealed earlier this month.

The three men — John Price, 22, Scott Powell, 23, and Patrick Flynn, 19, were sent to jail by the court.

While Price and Flynn had admitted at a previous hearing that they had conspired to commit robbery, Powell had admitted that he had assisted an offender.

Prosecutor Simon Mintz said CCTV footage showed four men arrived in a black Volkswagen and knocked on the door.

Dhaliwal didn’t answer but minutes later, she heard the gang smashing its way into their house by breaking the glass through a patio door.

Mintz was quoted as saying by AOL: “They were not deterred by her presence and rather rushed at her and snatched a necklace from her throat and her wedding ring from her finger.”

Judge Niclas Parry said the victim was left with “severe psychological harm”.

“This was a pre-planned attack on a property where you knew an Asian family lived. Because of that, you believed that gold would be kept there,” he said.

“Rather than leave after being confronted with a lone female and her two-month-old baby, you called out for each other and charged her.

“You ripped a necklace from her neck and her wedding ring from her finger and brandished a weapon as she held onto her baby.”

While Price, who has no fixed abode, was jailed for seven-and-a-half years, Flynn was handed a term of six years and two months and Powell got a term of a year and nine months.

They were also handed a restraining order that banned them from entering the victim’s home or contacting her.

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