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Marvel debuts exorbitantly priced real-life infinity stones collection

By: ShelbinMS

Marvel and East Continental Gems announced the “official Infinity Collection of Gemstones” on Saturday at Comic-Con.

The collection, comprised of actual precious gems, is being called “one of the rarest collectibles” to debut at Comic-Con and was revealed by a self-made millionaire, Daymond John.

“The Infinity Collection of Gemstones consists of the Six Infinity Stones from the Marvel Universe: Time, Space, Reality, Mind, Power, and Soul,” reads the press release.

The email goes on to detail the stones: the Time Stone is a Colombian emerald; the Space Stone is a Madagascar sapphire; the Reality Stone is a Mozambique ruby; the Power Stone is an amethyst; the Soul Stone is a spessartite, and the Mind Stone is a yellow diamond. “The six stones combined are over 150 carats and come with a total estimated value surpassing $25 million.”

Paul Gitter, senior vice president of Marvel Consumer Products, hailed the opportunity to find new ways to boost Marvel’s brand.

He said: “Fans and collectors are a very important consumer for Marvel since they truly live the Marvel lifestyle every day and are always seeking to connect with the brand in new and unique ways.

“We feel this authentic gemstone collection is cool and unexpected and extends the reach of the Marvel brand.”

“There has never been anything as exciting and interesting in the Marvel Universe than the prized Infinity Stones and as a fourth-generation jeweler and fan, I am honored that Marvel entrusted us with the monumental task of curating the Infinity Gem Collection for our universe,” said Adam Mirzoeff, President of East Continental Gems.

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