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Manchester: ‘Twisted’ woman kills partner after torturing, humiliating

By: ShelbinMS

IN a gruesome incident, an allegedly twisted woman in her mid-20s strangled her partner after tying up and throttling him with electrical cables at his home in Manchester. She also humiliated him by sharing a photograph of him tied by the cables to another man she was reportedly flirting with and sexting online before killing him.

Charlotte Dootson, 25, was recently jailed at Manchester Crown Court for life with a minimum 22-and-half-year term in custody for her act. She admitted strangling her 53-year-old partner Mohammed Mukhtar, also known as Amin, last August.

Amin was found dead by the emergency services at his residence in Droitwich Road, Miles Platting. He was reportedly killed hours after the torture. Amin also had a serious liver injury which was caused by a blow.

Prosecutor Alaric Bassano condemned the way Dootson treated Amin saying it was as if the woman was “revelling in or amused” by her partner’s plight and called her act as “degrading and humiliating”, the BBC reported.

He also said Dootson had repeatedly assaulted Amin during their four-year relationship, even with knives and extension leads.

Dootson was arrested thrice and charged once but no action was taken as Amin had either lied to protect her or refused to support a prosecution, the court was informed, the BBC added.

At the time of Amin’s murder, too, Dootson was under investigation over an allegation of strangulating him.

Dootson’s defence Tim Storrie said she suffered mental disorders and trauma in her young life, but the judge refused to accommodate the reasons saying they only had a “limited impact”.

Dootson is also a former drug addict with a personality disorder, The Sun reported.

Amin’s family calls Dootson ‘pure evil’

Amin’s devastated family from Longsight, Manchester, blamed the Greater Manchester Police, Social Services and the mental health team for the tragedy.

Yasin, Amin’s 52-year-old brother said, “She is simply pure evil, no words could describe how horrific her treatment of my brother was – she’s a modern day Myra Hindley and a danger to all.

“She tortured and killed my brother, a loving son, sibling and uncle with 16 loving nephews and nieces and a great uncle to six.”

Fozia, their sister, said the family was “tormented” at what Amin had gone through and “could never forgive” Dootson, adding it was “pure evil and callous”.

“She is pure evil and callous. Amin was a timid guy, he was just so quiet and kind, he wouldn’t hurt anyone and he did not deserve what she did to him. There is no punishment that she could ever receive that will ever compare to the pain that she has caused us as a family. As a family we want answers,” Fozia, 46, told The Sun.

She also said that Dootson’s family abused them at the court and there was no apology whatsoever.

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