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Jameela Jamil to star in Brit rom-com ‘Lola and Freddie’

By: Mohnish Singh

Jameela Jamil has added one more exciting project to her filmography. She is set to star in the upcoming romantic comedy film Lola and Freddie, billed as a British reimagining of 2012’s Celeste and Jesse Forever.

In addition to Jamil, the film will also feature Naomie Harris, Joel Fry, and Olivia Lee in leading roles. Dean Craig is attached as director.

Lola and Freddie follows a couple who were once inseparable and totally in love but now, in their 40s and having grown in different directions, are getting a divorce. Lola is thriving in her career while Freddie continues to chase his dream of becoming a screenwriter. When Freddie is hired by a big studio and rekindles a relationship with an old flame, he matures and aligns more with what Lola desired in their marriage.

The synopsis reads: “With Freddie’s change in fortune, Lola starts to miss a life she thought she no longer wanted. With newly separate worlds colliding again, Lola and Freddie are forced to confront the uncomfortable truth that they might still be in love with each other. But a major development in Freddie’s life means it may be too late to salvage their relationship.”

Talking about the film, Craig said, “I absolutely loved Celeste & Jesse Forever, so when I read Peter Howitt’s script for the U.K.-set reimagining I was delighted to see he had managed to retain the comedic and soulful essence of the original and at the same time create something that feels utterly new and unique, and totally English.”

He added, “Naomie and Joel are the perfect Lola and Freddie, and it’s a privilege to get to work with this phenomenally talented cast, and fantastic producers. I think we have the elements in place to make a very special film.”

Lee Nelson and David Tish of Envision Media Arts are bankrolling the project.

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