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Amyra Dastur will next be seen in Ali Abbas Zafar’s web series Tandav which will start streaming on Amazon Prime Video on 15th January 2021. In the trailer of the film, we get a small glimpse of Amyra and the makers haven’t revealed much about her character.


Recently, we interacted with Amyra and while talking to us about her character, the actress stated, “It is absolutely different from anything that I have ever done. As you can see (in the trailer) the character is completely distress, she is going to something really hardcore, she has a very dark past and it causes a chain reaction for some of the other characters. I am so glad that they have kept it hidden in this way because it’s a surprise, you always have that slight trump card and Adaa (her character) is definitely going to be that.”


Tandav revolves around politics, so when we asked Amyra if she is interested in politics and keeps an eye on what’s happening in the country, the actress said, “I am very much into politics. I just don’t like sharing my political opinion because sometimes you just get trolled for saying the right or the wrong thing. But, I am somebody who stays up to date about what’s going on in my country, and I really appeal to other people to do the same because at the end of the day as somebody who is young you need to know what your future is going to be, you need to know how your future is being planned out. So, I genuinely do appeal to the youth of India and say that you should start reading a little more of a newspaper, but a little less sports pages.”


Tandav stars Saif Ali Khan in the lead role and Amyra has worked with the actor earlier in the film Kaalakaandi. When we asked her if she gets a chance to share screen space with Saif in Tandav, the actress revealed, “I don’t have any scenes with him in this series and I thought he would have forgotten that we have done Kaalakaandi together because he has worked with so many people, so I thought why would he remember me. But, when we were sitting on the table for reading, I sat quietly with a pen and a script, and suddenly I hear this person scream ‘Hey! We worked together, you were in Kaalakaandi with me’. I was like ‘Oh, you remembered’. It was like such a fan moment for me, and it was just so sweet. You know that shows you the kind of person he is. It was really nice of him to say that.”