Genius physicist Albert Einstein never officially had his IQ tested, but is widely believed to have the equivalent score of 160.

A SOUTH London teenager with higher IQ than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking considers singer Adele an inspiration and wants to be a popstar when she grows up.

Suryanshi Ranjan, 13, recently became a member of Mensa society by achieving the maximum possible result for under 18s of 162, putting her in the top one per cent of the world by IQ.

But Ranjan, a student at Lady Eleanor Holles School in Hampton, said she was happy singing and hanging out with friends as much as working out complex maths problems.

She told the Sun Online: “Adele is my inspiration, there’s so much emotion in her music. “Her songs are amazing. I would love to write songs like her one day.”

Ranjan considers herself a normal teen, despite having aspirations to pursue biomedical engineering at Princeton University.

Ranjan was born in Mumbai and grew up in West Bengal. After moving with her family to Kingston Upon Thames, Ranjan passed entrance exams to 13 schools with top scores.

“I don’t feel different, we are all just kids, we’re all just having fun,” she said.

“I just see things differently to my friends and think differently. I think it’s a good thing, it’s nice when you get to explain things to your friends.”

Ranjan’s parents knew early on that their daughter was a gifted child. She as talking at two and could read fluently by four. She was a competitive chess player by three.

Dad Abhijay said: “We are very proud of her and do want her to realise her full potential. She’s such an all-rounder.

“We never wanted her to be purely academic and thankfully she’s not just that. It’s one thing to be clever but there are other things that are more important.”