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Director defends controversial scene in Trump biopic ‘The Apprentice’ amid

Director Ali Abbasi insists the inclusion of this scene of raping wife Ivanka is justified and is very well known. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

By: Vibhuti Pathak

Director Ali Abbasi has staunchly defended a controversial scene in the biopic “The Apprentice,” depicting former US President Donald Trump raping his wife, Ivana. Trump’s legal team has threatened to sue the producers, labelling the film “pure malicious defamation.”

Abbasi insists the scene is justified, stating, “This particular incident is very well known. Ivana Trump mentioned it under oath during their divorce proceedings.” Although Ivana later retracted the accusation, it remains a significant part of their turbulent relationship.

“The movie explores how Trump progressively distances himself from the human relationships that define him,” Abbasi explained. Sebastian Stan portrays Trump, while Jeremy Strong plays his mentor, Roy Cohn. Despite unflattering portrayals, Abbasi claims the biopic offers a nuanced view of Trump as an ambitious yet naive social climber who loses his moral compass.

Steven Cheung, Trump’s campaign communications director, announced plans to file a lawsuit to address the film’s “blatantly false assertions.” Cheung dismissed the film as “pure fiction,” emphasizing that it sensationalizes long-debunked lies.

Abbasi, however, remained unfazed by the legal threats, commenting on Trump’s frequent but often unsuccessful litigation efforts. The film opens with a young Trump, eager to join New York’s elite and dreaming of building his own luxury hotel. His life

changes dramatically after meeting Roy Cohn, whose ruthless philosophies become the guiding principles of Trump’s later career.

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