• Tuesday, August 09, 2022

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Crossed Off the Map: Travels in Bolivia – Book takes a fascinating deep-dive into the South American country’s rich history

By: ShelbinMS

The world opening up again after the pandemic has resulted in people visiting different countries and added interest in travel books.

The best of these will take a deep dive below the surface and present rich details about the place that is written about, including its history, which is what Shafik Meghji has done. The award-winning travel writer, journalist, and author presents a well-researched book about Bolivia.

He shows quite comprehensively that a country often overshadowed by neighbours Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Paraguay, has one of the world’s richest cultural pasts.
By weaving together history, travel writing and reportage, he takes readers on a fascinating journey of Bolivia, from a rich past where the country influenced the world in multiple ways to current challenges it faces such as the climate emergency, national identity, and politics, as well as its dazzlingly timeless sites.

Instead of just being a rough guide of where to stay and what to do, he uses accessible writing to take the reader on a journey, which is loaded with vibrant descriptions of a picturesque country that has so many stunning places to see. That free-flowing style makes this an easy-to-read book, which will connect with those who want to travel, but also those who are interested in hidden histories and want to learn about new places. What adds to the fascination is the world-famous names across history who have a connection to the country.

There was scope to go a little deeper in some of the sections, and this will likely connect most with serious travellers, but that doesn’t take away from this being one of the finest travel books that will be published this year.

It may even inspire you to take a trip to the South American country on your next overseas adventure.

At the very least, it will leave you inquisitive about this part of the world and make you want to find out more.

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