• Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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British passport rates hiked; second in 14 months

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By: Shajil Kumar

The price of a UK passport will go up on Thursday, the second hike in 14 months.

This rise follows a 9 per cent rise in February 2023. Before that increase, passport fees had remained unchanged for five years.

The cost of applying online to get a new or renewed adult passport will go up from £82.50 to £88.50.

Children’s passports will also cost more, going up from £53.50 to £57.50 for an online application.

The cost of postal applications has gone up from £93 to £100 for an adult passport and £64 to £69 for a child.

Those applying online from abroad will have to pay more – £101 for adults and £65.50 for children.

Those using paper applications when applying from abroad will have to pay £112.50 for adults and £77 for children.

The home office said the increased fees will help reduce reliance on funding from general taxation.

Consumer group Which? said this would come as a shock to travellers who are due to renew their passports.

Guy Hobbs, a travel expert at the group, told The Guardian the price hike may reflect rising production costs, but the UK passport is now among ‘the priciest’ in Europe.

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