(Photo by DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP via Getty Images)

BRITAIN plans to use a National Health Service phone app as its Covid-19 ‘vaccine passport’ certificate that will allow its population to travel internationally this summer, transport secretary Grant Shapps said on Wednesday (28).

Countries around the world are looking at a host of options that will serve as proof of Covid-19 vaccinations to allow travel, though airports, border agencies and airlines are worried there will be no clear global standard that will be accepted at all borders.

So-called vaccine passports could range from a digital certificate with a scannable QR code in the EU, to a National Health Service (NHS) phone app in the UK, or a humble piece of paper in some other countries.

Besides concerns over issuance, forgery and the repeated failure of government-backed technology projects, it was still unclear how such documents would be received by notoriously zealous border guards across the world.